I would like to start the curly girl method as the waves are crap and all the straightening is killing my hair. Fold the T-shirt around your hair and use the sleeves of the t-shirt to tie behind your head. 2. The reason we don’t shampoo on the CGM is because most shampoos contain silicone to make hair look shinier and sulphate detergents to get rid of dirt and build up. It can also help lift your curls at the roots which is key on the Curly Girl Method as the products you use can make your hair quite heavy. I first heard about the Curly Girl Method years ago, but I never considered it an option for my in-between, wavy hair. Squeeze a generous amount of conditioner into your hand and use it to wash your hair as you would with shampoo. Curls thus find it harder to form on top of your scalp and you may not end up with your desired look. Place all of your hair at the centre of the towel with your head bent down, so you’re kind of standing over the t-shirt. Use this mixture of goodness to ‘plop’ your curls and squish them back towards your scalp. I usually have to take my finger into my hair to reach my scalp. Each to their own but that’s how I do it! 3. As mentioned in the beginning, one of the rules of The Curly Girl Method UK: A Complete Step By Step Guide is no towels. The curly girl method was created by Lorraine Massey and she wrote about it extensively in her book “Curly Girl: The Handbook.” It is a regimen that trades damaging hair cleansing and styling methods such as heat tools and harsh shampoos, for a silicone free conditioner and gel to get you bouncy, defined and moisturized curly … Your hair should still be fairly wet. Make sure your hairdryer setting is set to cool or medium warm. You can essentially use any conditioner as a deep conditioner and this is particularly beneficial if you’re looking for a lightweight one. Simply flip your hair forwards and break the cast by lightly scrunching upward using either just your hands or a t-shirt for a softer approach. This one is a favourite among curly girls and they often fly off the shelves when on offer. This is also called ‘Scrunching Out The Crunch’ (SOTC) but more on breaking the cast later, for now let’s focus on the steps you need to follow to correctly gel your hair. 3. distribute leave-in conditioner After … However, each curly strand is different, which means that your journey towards healthy hair will be different from everyone else. 3. Some followers also like to use mousse instead of gel or even together with gel. You can see now that your previous regular routine of applying conditioner for a minute or two and then rinsing it all out seems pointless. These are harsh chemicals which only provide you with short term solutions (so you keep using shampoo over and over again) and they strip your hair of its natural oils. The best way to apply the product is to use the praying technique which is to gently cover each curl with the product between your palms as you move from root to ends. The key is to figure out whether you need more protein or moisture as the two are very different. Some people experience a lot of build-up depending on the products they use, and some find that they can go a full week if not more without having to do a wash. One of the key secrets to having soft, bouncy curls is to apply gel to wet hair. It’s an incredibly useful tool which lets you deep condition without the fuss. If using the cone diffuser, hover the diffuser around your scalp to dry this first as much as possible. If you want to speed up the process of deep conditioning, I thoroughly recommend that you get yourself a Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap. After that, you only wash your hair using conditioner. If it doesn’t feel right, well then you’re only one wash away from trying again! I would thoroughly recommend that you deep condition once a week to begin with as you’ll see results much faster. Curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide in the UK. Because you’ll just be delaying your journey by an extra wash. There’s simply no point. You can also use different tools and products to help maximise the effects of a diffuser. It involves ditching harsh shampoos and switching to Co-washing (using conditioner to cleanse the scalp) or Low-pooing … … If your hair is protein sensitive, you will most likely experience your hair to feel dry and straw like, no matter how much you condition it. This could be a sign that you need to switch to a conditioner with no protein. If you do have the time, I definitely recommend that you plop. You can then squeeze each curl again after using the praying method. If your hair is overhydrated, you will need more protein. That’s the basics of the Curly Girl Method. Keep scrunching your hair until it is no longer dripping and then begin to wash out the conditioner but leave a bit for softness. Like with any other step of this guide, I urge you to experiment with the products you use but my favourite two gels which I get from Amazon are the Umberto Giannini Scrunchy Jelly or the Eco Styler gel. Plop the hair applying leave in condition and styling products Diffuse your curls Scrunch the crunch to soften the curls Refresh your curls … →, How to Get Rid of Anxiety: 11 Natural Remedies →, Rekeying vs Changing Locks: Which Is Better for You? You must still use a non-lathering product and my favourite is the Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner. 1. Preserving . Step … There is a big difference between wet and dry hair and frizz happens in that crucial ‘in between’ period. A refresh is the process of ‘refreshing’ your curls on day 2, 3, 4 etc. Everyone should follow the regime of cleansing, conditioning, and styling, but … You have two options when it comes to drying – air drying or diffusing. You will need more than you think. If you are vegan, check out this post I wrote on the best Curly Girl Method approved vegan gels available to buy in the UK. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is! You only need a pea sized amount for each application and make sure you rub the product thoroughly between your hands before applying. With that being said, let’s dive right into it! What Victims of Police Violence Need to Know Before Hiring a Lawyer, Here’s What To Do If You’ve Been In A Big Truck Accident, Garage Sale Pricing: How to Make Money Without Scaring Away Customers, You Can Do It! Some Curly Girl followers will apply the gel before plopping, but I honestly find that my hair will not dry if it’s not ‘set free’. How to Stick to Goals in a Few Easy Steps, 5 Top Tips for Improving Warehouse Operations. Starting the Curly Girl (CG) Method was the best personal decision I had made for my hair. You can also get a hand shaped diffuser from eBay which is lightweight and fits onto your scalp very easily. At A Glance Step By Step Curly Girl Tips For Beginners Research Curly Girl approved products Do A final wash, clarify the hair. After applying gel to your hair, it now needs to dry so that your hair will form a hard cast around your curls which you will then break once your hair is dry. To sort out fly away hairs or frizz, use a water based lube (yes I said it…) to help smooth out your curls. The gel cast will also protect your hair from outside factors such as wind and humidity and if you take care of how you sleep at night, you could keep your curls fresh and lively for up to one week without having to do a co-wash. After applying gel, you need to let your hair dry completely and then you ‘break’ the cast to unleash your curls. The very first time start with the final Wash. If you’re looking for a non-protein deep conditioner, my favourite is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Oil & Almond Cream. Some like to apply gel to dripping wet hair whilst others like to dab their hair first with a t-shirt or micro-fibre towel. The first step is of course to find a conditioner that is right for your hair. In the curly girl method shampoo is only used for the final wash, see step 1 above. My best advice is simply to start. They contain lather which is produced by harmful lathering agents and so even though low poo shampoos do not contain sulphates, they are still off limits. So, basically, the Curly Girl Method outlines a hair regimen that doesn’t involve the use of traditional shampoos. Like with any other method, it’s all a bit trial and error, … You may need to squish to condish for four minutes while your best friend only has to do it for 30 seconds. Rekeying vs Changing Locks: Which Is Better for You? It all started with Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey. You can now choose to leave your hair like this for as long as you want until you’re ready to use gel or dry. I personally like to shower in quite hot water so I saturate my hair in warm water, flip my hair upside down and rinse through with cool water and then carefully stand up. This is a great tool for creating volume and drying the base of your hair more quickly. Gel & Cast. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. For a better clean, use a scalp massager to remove build up and grease. Have You Considered a Christian Mortgage Lender? GELS – Curly Girl Method UK Products. You can scrunch gel from ends toward the scalp, starting at the nape and working up, scrunch the top layer last. I am actually going to take a bit of a bold stance and say you don’t have to purchase this if you want to start the curly girl method. I normally give it 10 minutes while I get changed and do my make-up and then I apply gel. You not only end up with softer curls but fully moisturised, frizz-free curls that can give you second, third, or even fourth day hair. Steps and methods to promoting curls and easy UK products to find. Some people prefer to use a diffuser (search ‘The Pixie Method’) with a silicone-free heat protector. Now plopping in itself doesn’t actually take a lot of time but I tend to just wrap up my hair in a microfiber towel for about 5 minutes while I get changed and apply make-up. The less the hair is disturbed, the better the cast will be. Are There Any Negative Side Effects of Henna? The Curly Girl Method also discourages the use of heat styling, brushing or towels which can dry or damage your hair. →, ExitCertified: your key to profiting from OpenShift sooner →, SEO Made Easy: How to Optimize Your Blog Posts →, Making It in Marketing: 5 Tips for People Who Want to Build Marketing Careers →, Voted Best B2B SEO Company by 10SEOS.com →, Can You Eat the Turkey Neck? As a 4c girl (coily hair texture), I understand the shrinkage struggle. I found this one on Amazon which really does the trick. Some curly girls refresh every two days and some can go a week before needing to co-wash. Use this two-step … I used to hate my … Furthermore, the root lift you get from plopping really can be the make or break of your curls. I personally own both diffusers because I like to alternate between the two but it’s completely up to you to decide which one you find most useful. I broke down the easiest, step-by-step curly girl method guide, including the best shampoos, conditioners, and gels for wavy, coily, and curly hair. Curly … Remember, the goal here is to keep your curls as defined as possible, avoiding outside factors such as heat or blowing air as much as possible. Let it cool and set before breaking the cast. The Curly Girl Method has literally transformed the condition of thousands and thousands of curls and if you are 100% committed to trying the method, you will see incredible results. Lay your t-shirt or microfiber towel on a flat surface (bed/toilet seat/ table) with the sleeve ends closest to you.